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3 Ways To Find Out Who Hacked Your Smartphone

Ways To Out Find Who Hacked Your Smartphone

If you aren’t a politician, a movie star, nor a singer, who could be wanting to get a hand on your information? It might be a distant thought for you. However, it happens. Hence, it’s a brilliant idea to know ways to find out who hacked your smartphone.
Hackers hack your phone with an intention. They will want to hear your conversation on the phone, read your text messages or steal your financial information. To get to this, they use advanced technologies.
Hackers want to get access to your information without leaving any footprints. However, you can learn to find ways of preventing such from happening to you.
In case you have already felled a victim, there are ways to find out who hacked your smartphone. Here are some of them:

  1. Consider the source of the links

We get emails on our inbox regularly. Some emails are useful to us because it can be from people we know. It can also be a link to your online course or a membership site. Whichever the case, emails flood our inbox daily.

We need to know every source of the email before we press any link on it. Hackers use this technique to hack your smartphone. They will send you links using your emails and ask you to click it. Little do you know that it’s a virus or malware that is installed on your smartphone.

Once this virus is on your phone, it can steal information in the background of your phone and sends it to the attackers. The best way to know who attacked you is to track the source of the links.

  1. Check the apps on your phone

There are a couple of ways to find out who hacked your phone. One of them is running a check on the apps on your phone. Sometimes, you might download an application online without reading the reviews on it.

Some apps are known to scrap mass information from a couple of users. To do this, they appear useful in the first place; you will notice it’s a malware when some applications and files on your phone get lost.

The best way to beat this is to be careful about the apps you download; you should only download apps from recommended sources. If you’re using an android phone, consider downloading apps from the Google Play store.

If you run a check of the apps on your phone and find an app that has reviews online of possessing malware, consider uninstalling the app.

  1. Go through your calls list

Though it’s a far-fetched method, it sometimes happens. Did you received unknown calls promising you goodies, and asked for some of your information? You should be careful when such happens.

If hackers know information about your phone, they may use it to send viruses or malware. They will also record your voice and use it elsewhere.

You must be careful about the things you do to avoid being hacked. However, if it happens, you can follow these ways to find out who hacked your smartphone.

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