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5 Uses of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Uses of technology in teaching and learning

Technology has changed the way teaching and learning is carried out. If an institution embraces and used it to teach and learn, it would make work easier. Here’re the benefits that come with the use of technology in teaching and learning:

  1. Multimedia elements enhance presentations

You as a teacher has to know the best way your students understand. You can do this by introducing multimedia elements into your method of teaching. Students get bored reading textbooks and need enhancement with other learning methods such as graphs, images, or pictographs.

The good thing is that these multimedia elements are easy to create. You can create a graph in seconds using online software. This kind of teaching can be more engaging.

  1. Using videos for mini-lessons

Using videos is the best way to complete a course quickly as a teacher. Research has shown that students are more likely to understand a topic by use of a video than when reading from a textbook. You can create some videos that cover an entire lesson and present it to class.

The best tools to use if you’re into this is to use TeacherTube, which is an alternative to YouTube but focusses on education. You can create a minicourse and upload it here.

  1. Podcasts can supplement lessons

Podcasts are another great use of technology in teaching and learning. If you plan to skip a class the following day, you can record a podcast that covers the entire class and sends it over to the class. You can also create one if you’re interviewing a professional in your field and would like to have your students hear it and take notes.

The best way to create a podcast is by using the SMU academy. It provides instructions on how to create a high-quality podcast.

  1. Run learning stations

A learning station is used when the resources aren’t enough to cover all students. And hence, students gather in groups to process information. Since they’re using computers, you can use video, podcasts, or slideshows. Once the students understand it, they will discuss as a group and hand out the answers to you.

Not only does this creates teamwork, but it has also a good understanding of subjects because the sharing of ideas is effective.

  1. It makes it easy to get feedback from clients

How else could you improve your teaching methodology if you’re not getting feedback from your students? The best thing is to use Google forms or Socrative to create polls; the students will give feedback from the touch of the button and enable you to decide on the best way to teach.

To ensure you get the full benefits of technology, you need to embrace it and make the best use of it. There are many more ways in the use of technology in teaching and learning.


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