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5 Ways African Schools can Bridge the Gap between Technological Innovations and Academia

technological innovations and academia

Most African countries have long been lagging in terms of development. However, with the introduction of technology, the form of teaching and learning has changed over the years. Here are some ways African schools can bridge the gap between technological innovations and academia:

  1. Creating technology incubators

An incubator is a place with resources to help you transform your idea into reality. Resources are things like computers, an internet connection, and mentors to guide you less you feel stuck. If a school wants to bridge the gap between technological innovations and academia, a tech incubator is a crucial requirement.

Tech incubators consist of tech lovers, having one in a school will be significant since students can meet, and share ideas, which can cause someone to come up with an invention creatively.

  1. Increasing the number of tech courses

Technology is a broad subject. However, if you divide it into small manageable units and topics, it becomes easy to understand. A university can decide to offer a full tech course and allow specialization after that; this will enable students to venture into areas they’re confident in.   

  1. Partnering with technological companies

This model works best in Universities and colleges. Though, it doesn’t limit any student at any level. This model has had great success in most countries and can do the same if implemented in African schools. If for example, Google decides to collaborate with a school, the company will supply resources such as computers that will enable students to practice tech topics.

Mostly, a company will recruit the most talented students and give them a job. Many tech companies collaborate with schools to offer these kinds of services.  

  1. Launching of science fairs

Have you ever attended a science fair? It’s a place to exhibit your science inventions for the public and the judges to see. It’s a competition aimed at boosting creativity among students. In schools, organizing for science fairs is the best way to bridge the gap between technological innovations and academia.

If students compete for creativity, it can enhance learning and make a lot of students embrace technology to improve their lives and help bridge.

  1. Creation of technology centres

A technology centre helps a great deal to bring out the creativity in students. It can be compared to a school computer lab only that it can be a bit larger with lots of resources such as computer and WI-FI. Students visit a tech centre to research and development projects. With the help of their tech teachers and professors, these students can easily come up with great inventions and help to bridge the gap between technological innovations and academia.


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