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5 Ways to Reduce Cybercrime in Africa

cybercrime in Africa

Since cybercrime in Africa is at its peak, you need to do the following to ensure your business is safe:

1. Secure your computers

Since cybercrime happens through networks, you need to ensure your computer system is secure. If you ignore simple details, cybercriminals will use this to enter your system. Hence, you need to ensure there are no loopholes in your computer system.

Here is how to protect your computing systems:

• Upgrade your system: an upgraded system has the latest security measures and more likely to prevent cybercrime than outdated systems. You can purchase the latest operating systems to ensure you’re safe against cybercrime.

• Use antivirus programs: by use of antivirus programs, you will be able to identify viruses in your system and remove them before they do any harm. Viruses are meant to destroy information in your computer and cause the system to be weak.

• Firewalls: firewalls help to filter out what enters your computer. They’re designed to allow a particular type of information to enter your system and block others. With a firewall, you can keep malicious programs at bay.

2. Educating the public

Fraudsters introduce themselves as a bank secretary or any other significant person. With such, it’s easy for someone unaware of what’s happening to give out their financial information such as bank account number or PIN.
The best way to end cybercrime in Africa is by educating the public against giving out phishing. Moreover, since new scams and tricks used by hackers are unveiled every day, ensure you’re always updated.

3. Identify cybercrime threats

Threats happen, and you have to know them before they occur. If you find out that someone has had access to your computer, identify that as a threat, and find a way to rectify it. You can decide to hire an expert or do it yourself if you’re apt in computing systems and networking.

You also need to conduct an audit of your employees and sack those who seem suspicious. There is essential information in your company that you shouldn’t share with anyone. Because once shared, then cybercriminals might use that to access your system.

4. Conduct system audit

Big companies reach a point where data more critical. Hence, they don’t compromise on security. To ensure your system is always secure, you have to conduct a system audit regularly.
To conduct a system audit, you need to hire an expert in networking to do it for you. That’s the best way to detect malicious information in your system and getting them out before cybercriminals get hold of your system.

5. Hire experts

You can make a majority of these solutions easy by hiring an expert. Since they are professionals in this, they will tell if your system is under attack and advice henceforth. Your business will expand and create loopholes. The best way to prevent cybercrime in your company is by hiring an expert.
Those are some ways of preventing cybercrime in Africa.


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