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CampusTechFest: The glitz and glamour as technology meets entertainment in Lagos

The campus tech fest organized recently by Techtrybe Africa recorded an achievable milestone as it brought together, the best of entertainers, academicians and tech-prenuers in the commercial capital of Lagos Nigeria.

Participants at the Afe Babalola Hall Lagos, Nigeria

The program which featured movie segments, tech talks and a very robust panel session used various entertaining channels to educate people on the importance of technology.

Students were already on seat as the event started exactly at 9am Nigerian time. The organizers worked round the clock to ensure a proper organization of the event, from the media team who were on ground to cover moments of the events, to the ushers who welcomed students and guests to the event venue.

There seemed to be a seamless transition of the programs, from movies down to the panel session, also guest speakers were not left out of the party.

The event reached its climax with the arrival of top entertainer Derenle Edun an award winning TV presenter, also the likes of Nestle Golden Morn, FCMB, Coca-Cola etc graced the occasion with their presence.

The program also had in attendance, the Vice Chancellor of the university of Lagos Professor Oluwatoyin Temitayo Ogundipe who reteraited the importance of technology in the academic environment.

Vice Chancellor University of Lagos at the Campus Tech Fest event

For a country with a very good number of young people, the program tried to tap into the resourcefulness of the teeming youthful population.

Africa as a continent has the youngest population all over the world, and this population is growing fast. By 2055, the continent’s youth population (aged 15-24), is expected to double the 2015 estimates of 226 million.

Like Robert Malthusian posited in his population thoery, population increase in an exponential geometric scale as against the arithmetic progression of the means of substanance like food, shelter and even clothing.

Unemployment has suddenly become a burden in the continent as lots of people are out of jobs.

The existing social structure looks very congested to accommodate their skills and expertise.

Knowing fully well that the continent is richly blessed with natural and human resources, the TechTrybe Africa movement was initiated all in the bid to give the youths a way out of unemployment by maximizing the potentials vested in the tech world.

The tech industry in Nigeria surely is an industry with so many prospects, in terms of national development, it has proved to be a viable alternative for revenue generation aside oil and agriculture.

The industry, which is highly lucrative requires the persistent, consistent pursuit of the creative potentials of the average Nigerian youth.

This prospect in the industry can be harnessed when tech savvy individuals key in into tech solutions.

The poverty rate running alongside unemployment and lack of financial security are all part of the social problems that can be tackled with the use of technology.

In an ever changing society where value chains are disrupted on a steady basis, it has become very pertinent to move with time, if possible ahead of time, so as to remain relevant and productive to society.

The campus tech event tried to push the narrative for digital transformation and technological solutions through the use of ideas.

The panel discussion had in attendance notable social media influncers who tried to explain how they utilized digital technology to become relevant and productive members of the society.

The likes of Tomiwa, Pamerilin, Lazywriter etc explained how they maximized social media and the prospects embedded in digital technology to make a name and a living for themselves.

The existing social structure is constantly changing with the advent of technology, and with fast technological advancements in developed countries like China, Singapore and even America, developing countries like Nigeria can leverage and orchestrate solutions to the various problems the country.

The event ended with a vote of thanks from the founder of Techtrybe Africa, Tioluwalogo Olakunbi-Black and producer of the event Stephen Akinola, who also doubles as the social media lead.

They thanked the organizers, students and the guests, and promised a more robust campus tech fest 2.0.

Entertainment and refreshments was abundant as participants had enough to eat and drink.

Popular Lagos kitchen, Lagos fries was on ground alongside Nestle Gold morn who provided Breakfast for all participants of the event.

Also, soft drink giant, Coca-Cola turned up with drinks and other forms of refreshment for the students.

The event ended with lots of entertainment, as the students were thrilled with songs back to back in a carnival styled after party.

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