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Cybercrime in Nigeria and the way forward

Cybercrime in Nigeria and the way forward

Despite the internet opening up opportunities and helping the business grow, it has brought with it a bunch of challenges, too. Cybercrime is one of the problems that Nigeria faces. There have been cases of internet-assisted crimes such as hacking, child pornography, spamming, and fraudulent emails. Here is a review of cybercrimes in Nigeria and the way forward:

What is cybercrime?

It’s a crime committed using computers and through the internet. Often, it involves someone highly trained in computer systems and networking. Once they can log into a computer system of a bank or any other financial institution, they can steal large sums of money and cover their tracks.

Cybercrime does not involve hacking alone. It also involves spam, cyber terrorism, and cyber abuse. In Nigeria, there have been cases of frauds, hacking, and cyberbullying. Cybercriminal leverage the anonymity brought by the internet to carry out all their activities and covering their tracks.

Some causes of cyber

• Unemployment: with a large number of unemployed youths in Nigeria, most of them get involved in Cybercrimes as a way of getting rich quickly. Unemployment has also led to other problems such as drugs and substance abuse.

• Sophisticated computer systems: Because the computer system is complex, it takes more than an ordinary person to identify an error and correct it in the system. Hence, since these computer experts are few, many hackers use that as an advantage.

• Negligence: human beings have been known to neglect small details. It can be errors in a system or not putting in place the right security measures that can prevent hacking. Cybercriminals use this to gain entry into networks and make their way with information and money.
• Slack laws on cybercrimes: cybercrimes rules in Nigeria are not strict enough. Thus, cybercriminals use this to their advantage.

How to reduce cases of cybercrime

Here is cybercrime in Nigeria and the way forward:

1. Keeping systems up to date: one approach used by cybercriminals in their activity is intruding systems that have slack security features. The latest computer systems have security features.

2. Develop a national strategy: A national strategy against cybercrime is essential in ensuring justice is done. It can also mean implementing strong laws aimed to curb cybercrime.

3. Educating the public on cybersecurity: this helps to reduce such cases since most fraudsters identify themselves as bank account agents and ask for bank account information before transferring money to their accounts.

4. Creating job opportunities: most cybercriminals happens because university graduates fail to get employment opportunities. In their quest to make a living, some use their computer knowledge to hack banks and steal lots of money.

Cybercrimes in Nigeria and the way forward is to identify the causes and trying to find simple solutions.


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