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Four Steps to Writing ‘Creatively’ in the Digital Society

Creative writing in a digital society can be cumbersome and demanding at times, it entails a skill set towards developing reasonable content for web consumption.

Since the advent and expansion of the internet, information dissemination has moved away from just print and electronic media platforms, everyone with everything they have are moving into the digital world.

In the information driven digital society, creative  writing cannot just end as a hobby, it’s an industry, a big money making sector that has lots of untapped potentials and prospects.

When it comes to creative writing, the truth is we have so many writers, so many people can put one or two sentences together to pass information, but the writing itself is not what brings the money, no, the creativity does bring in the cash.  Nobody is going to engage a content that doesn’t come out in a creative way.

The first step towards this journey of creative writing starts with the following :

Specialty: Now before you embark on that journey of endless possibilities, you need to have a specialty, like you need to be interested about something, the weather, food, sports, politics, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, even your academic fields in school  like chemistry, Biology, Sociology etc can also act as a foundation for creative writing . When people hear of creative writing, they immediately assume it has to do with only the arts and literature, these are just parts of the whole and not the whole in itself.

You can write about the chemical components and that entire chemical jargon in a creative way and have someone in the finance field consume that content without even prior knowledge in the chemical field, creativity is the key here, in a digital society, everybody is in everybody’s business!

Research: In the information driven society of today, research is the fuel that drives and powers the creative writing industry, the fact that you can stay in your room and research how to repair your car is a wonderment of the digital age. The rapid exchange of information in the digital society of today has made research a bit more herculean, but as a creative writer, you cannot afford to allow this stop your shine!  You must continuously dig and till the ground for that GOLD.

Creativity doesn’t just come; it is a conglomeration of lifetime experiences, research and social interaction. So as a creative writer, your creativity should come from the books you have read in the past, the songs you have listened to in the past and even the resources and materials you have stumbled on over the internet.

Knowing and Interacting with your digital audience: This is a very important aspect of the whole thing, a very beautiful young lady with a good taste of fashion, and a good understanding of fashion trends who has not stepped out of her room will not be noticed by suitors, no matter how knowledgeable and fashion savvy she might be. A good product will not sell itself, maybe it used to, before we moved into the digital world. But right now, you will need to engage and interact to sell the product, no matter how good the product looks. This also applies to creative writing in the digital world.

As a creative writer with a good knowledge of a given field and even with an excellent research prowess, if you don’t engage your online audience who indirectly are your customers, then forget it, this creative piece of yours might not do the numbers, and when they don’t, you know what that means financially and otherwise, because information and engagement is the new crude-oil right now!

Distribution Process: You must understand that a manufacturer cannot produce a commercial product and decide to leave it in his bedroom, unless he entered the business for sustenance, but if he entered the business for commercial purposes then he must distribute these products to the final consumers using the necessary channels. In the digital world, creative writing contents can be distributed seamlessly without those bureaucratic bottlenecks that impeded the print and even the electronic age. You can sit in your room as a rap artiste and write an album.

Record and distribute it without leaving your room, the keyword here is distributing through the right channels and making cash! Little wonder so many artistes make a fortune from video streams, and digital sales without marketing CDs on the streets. It’s no longer business as usual, Let that sink!


Ndubuaku  Kanayo is a Journalist and a Digital Transformer

Tweets @Kanayo_OAP

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