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Shocking: Why Apple Phones Cost More Even Though They Have Fewer Features Than Other Phones

Why Apple Phones Cost More Even Though They Have Fewer Features Than Other Phones

Of the two primary phone operating systems, iOS and Android, you need to think before deciding on one. Most of these phones are similar. They almost have the same features. However, you need to be moneyed before you think of buying an iPhone; apple phones cost more.

It always costs an arm and a leg to get an iPhone that has the same features as an affordable android phone. Why do apple phones cost more? Here are the reasons:

  1. iOS App Store has useful apps

Both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store have helpful apps. However, the latter contains some of the most useful apps. That’s why an app will first be available to Apple users before it’s rolled for android users as well.

The difference comes from the lax in the Google Play store. Google is not strict on the apps it allows on its Play store. An app with a virus can easily be uploaded and downloaded by millions of people before Google notices.

In addition, most apps developers find developing for android expensive because of the large number of unsupported devices. Making app developers prefer developing the most useful apps for iPhone users.

  1. An iPhone is fast when gaming

Do you like to play games on your phone? Not only can you comfortably play games on your phone but you can also edit videos. The fast iPhone processor makes gaming fun.

The iPhone is even rivaling gaming gun likes Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo noticed this began producing games for the iOS App Store.

What makes the iPhone the best choice for gaming lovers? It’s because of its software and hardware. The integration of the two makes the iPhone ahead of the pack.

  1. An iPhone is easier to use

Learning how to use an iPhone is a walk in the park. If you pick a new iPhone today, it still maintains the design and feel of an old smartphone; this is the benefit of having an iPhone; you don’t have to begin learning how to use it.

iOS remains simple and easy to use despite advancement over the years; this’s one reason why Apple phones cost more.

  1. An iPhone is more secure than an Android phone

No phone is one hundred percent secure. However, an iPhone can be more reliable than an Android phone in some areas.

Apple is stricter when it comes to allowing apps into the iOS App Store. Apple has to screen your app for viruses, malware, and any other sort of malicious software.

In addition, some iPhone has now added an Irish biometric scanner. A feature that hasn’t been adopted fully in most Android devices. The Irish and the fingerprint scanner are meant to offer maximum protection for your phone.


Android controls a large portion of the smartphone market. However, Apple makes more in terms of profit. There are reasons why Apple phones cost more. The above are some of the reasons.

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