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For me, arguably one of the best investments any young African can tap into is HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT.

You’d agree with me that it basically requires little or nothing from you as capital to start up and once the human involved has strong potentials, the returns can be mind-blowing and in most cases lifelong and can even be a door to generational wealth. So for the sake of a novice who might stumble on this article but has little or no idea of what Human Capital development is, I’d explain it in the next few sentences because I would hate for you to drop this just to run to your dictionary and then back.

That would be so much time lost and time they say is really never man’s best friend because once lost, it can never be regained. Talking of time, I learnt at a very young age to consider every fellow human being as an asset; with that mindset I went further to conclude that assets must be taken care of, believed in, grown and improved on in order to get the best of productivity.

Having defined the subject matter, the next bone of contention would be how to identify an asset with so much potential and one worth your investment. Whenever I’m asked this question, I always tell fellow young people not to look too far. How about assessing yourself first? After all you are also an asset.

The main reason why we often neglect and look beyond ourselves is because we are more concerned about chasing what we don’t have at the expense of what we have. Like the popular saying, I’d say that “what we are looking for in Sokoto (state) is in our Sokoto (Trouser in Yoruba)”. If only you know how valuable you are or could be. If only you knew that all you need to grow what I term your most priced asset (you) is by simply investing time and money.

At this point, you are beginning to ask yourself “how?” and as a typical Nigerian, I would respond to your question with other questions; how many books and articles do you read in a month?

Do you know that research shows that Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year and Warren Buffet about 500 pages per day – as reported by Huffington Post. At this point, you probably are wondering “50 books? How now? Where is the time for that?” The more time you spend thinking about the possibility, the more books they are busy reading. So just in case this was the only article you were planning on reading this month, think again! If you are one of those that find it hard to keep up with reading, what of related audio books or podcasts? If you also find that hard to keep up with then surely you must flow with videos on YouTube and other social platforms. However, if you also find it hard to keep up with videos then I must say that you are on a journey from swiftly moving from being an “asset” to a “liability”.

There is really no two ways about it, the best way to get returns on your self-investment is by getting the best productivity out of you and to do that you must develop, grow and improve your asset (you). I’m not expecting you to learn, read and watch just anything you come across. I’d expect that at some point in your life, you have been able to identify what you love doing best and above all, what you can do effortlessly. For you it might be a couple of related things or it might just be one single thing whichever the case, make the best out of it. Build on them and learn all you can.

The world is gradually shifting and decision makers have moved from asking people what course they studied in school to simply asking them “what can they do? Or what value can they add?” That’s to show you that the assets mostly valued in this present day and time are the ones that went way beyond their academic background to pick up an extra skill and become very well grounded in it. The more skilled you are in whatever you choose, the more valuable you become as an asset and the more secured you become about your financial future.


Kunbi Black is a Creative Serial Entrepreneur and the Founder of TechTrybe Africa. He is currently on a mission to directly influencing 1 million African youths to becoming global success stories through Entertainment, Media, Arts & Technology. You can follow him across all social platforms @kunbiblack

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