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In this concluding part I’m going to move away from self-investment under human capital development to what I refer to as “third-party investment”. I found out something else I would love to share with you.

Do you know that there is a possibility that as a human being you find it so hard identifying what you love doing most let alone what particular skill you would love to acquire or develop?

Should you be scared at this point? Well maybe not yet. Some of us would actually end up discovering our own personal skill by deciding to identify a fellow asset be it a friend, family member or even total stranger who has the potential of excelling really big with his or her and then deciding to invest our own time, money and all other resources in such person. I would quickly share with you a personal story of a very good friend of mine.

For the sake of this article lets choose to refer to him as “Big man”. Big man happens to be a very good friend in fact one who I consider a brother who whilst back in school had no idea of what next. He never for once hid the fact that he was tired of school and couldn’t wait to finish at all cost. For him, finishing quickly wasn’t because he had identified a skill to develop afterwards but because he was just tired of trying and was even considering joining the military.

For me, I had identified quickly that he was very resourceful and handled anything left in his care with utmost care and priority. At this point in my life, I had just started hosting of events and I just had a strong conviction to speak to him to start managing me. I mean if he could be so resourceful and diligent with other things how much more a fellow asset.

He won’t think about this twice as he embraced the suggestion and we got to work. With no experience at all, Big man got me gigs no matter how small, made sure I was looking as dapper as possible for events, followed me and due to his big stature doubled as a body guard.

In all honesty, Big man made me feel bigger than I was then. It won’t take another 6 months before Big Man gets a link to manage an artiste for a label owner based in South Africa. This man had just signed a very talented artiste and wanted to go all out.

Long story short, it would only take exactly 18 months for this artiste to be one of the biggest acts in Nigeria having major hits with the likes of Olamide, Davido and BurnaBoy.

Big man now travels the world with his artiste and has even started his own talent management agency where he trains other upcoming talent mangers and manages other smaller artistes. Now you see why I asked you to let us refer to him as “Big Man”.

I don’t think I need to write any further as the story has done justice to my explanation on “third-party investment” but just in case you got carried away with the story and forgot to pay attention to the details, one thing I want you to know and understand is that sometimes “self-discovery” is often achieved through “selflessness”.

If you find it difficult identifying your skill, then why not try out investing your all on someone else. Support the person with your all because you are rest assured that when the person makes it big you are going to be a strong beneficiary both directly and indirectly.

By directly, using the story of “Big man”, he enjoys literally all his big artiste enjoys from the frequent travels to the numerous networking opportunities whilst indirectly, he has been able to use all the returns made from his third-party investment (big artiste) to create another stream of income his agency.

Indirectly, he his benefiting from the returns of the investment because people want to affiliate with him and have an iota of certainty that he can achieve again what he did with his first major success with them.

Either ways, my man is making money. However, I would love to bring to your notice that there are precautions you must take before venturing into such. One of such is you must get a lawyer to make an agreement document and get both of you sign so you would avoid telling stories for the gods.

Nonetheless, there are cases where as a third-party investor you decide to give the asset a benefit of doubt and avoid signing due to the relationship you share and make up your mind that the worst that would happen if he or she decides to not keep to the agreement is to solely capitalize on their success and create an indirect means of getting your returns.





Kunbi Black is a Creative Serial Entrepreneur and the Founder of TechTrybe Africa. He is currently on a mission to directly influencing 1 million African youths to becoming global success stories through Entertainment, Media, Arts & Technology. You can follow him across all social platforms @kunbiblack





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