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Top 10 platforms to Learn About Technology

learn about technology

To be an expert in your domain, you need to have vast knowledge in it. One way to do this is to know different platforms to learn. These are the best platforms to learn about technology.

  1. Techtrybe Africa

This is a community of tech lovers across Africa. Here, you will get the latest tech updates and news. On top of that, you can join the community and engage in discussions about tech, especially gadgets.

  1. Udemy

If you’re working with no time to go to a classroom, you need to visit this site; it has many courses you can take and acquire knowledge. Though you need to purchase these courses, you can’t fail to get free courses that teach about different tech skills.

  1. Code Academy

Are you interested in coding or already a coding expert? You need to visit this site. It offers free coding classes to those involved but only until some point when you’re told to purchase the full course. You can learn any programming language here.

  1. Alison

Would you not want to improve your skill set? You should visit this site. With an average of 10 million users, the site is the best place to connect with people in addition to learning different disciplines.

  1. Khan Academy

An organization that focusses on educating students for free online. Developed in 2006, the site has multiple languages to serve students all over the world. Lessons are taught by using YouTube videos and can be accessed through mobile devices.

  1. Edx

It has an assortment of courses from all over the world. You can learn at your own pace. In addition, the courses can be translated into many languages making it easy for anyone from any country to understand these courses.

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare

It’s a free platform launched by  MIT in an attempt to publish course materials for both graduates and undergraduates. On top of having written resources, it also has lecture videos.   

  1. Skillshare

For people who have creative ideas, this site is a must read for you because of how you can learn a lot by visiting this site. There are people to meet and connect who know a lot about tech or any area of your study.

  1. WizIQ

The platform is designed to help teachers prepare interactive lessons for students. You can also have it delivered to students so that they can study at their own pace. It does not only benefits the teachers but also workers and trainees in an organization.

  1. Lynda

Lynda, multimedia and a special effects animator, founded the site back in 1996. It began offering free courses in 2000 and has grown over the years to among the top global sites to learn.

Those are among the best platforms to learn about technology.


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