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Which Is The Best Operating System: Android Or IOS?

Which Is The Best Operating System: Android Or Ios

Are you contemplating buying a new smartphone? Then you have a decision to make between the two best-operating systems: Android or iOS. It can be a daunting task to choose if you’re green on both.

Earlier, Microsoft windows used to be among the flag bearers. However, it threw in the towel. Hence, which is the best operating system? Here is a review of both:

  1. Security

The security of your phone is essential. That is why for a phone maker to make it big in the smartphone market, it has to put the safety of the phone into account.

Which operating system offers the best security? It can be said, to some extent, that it comes in the first position as far as security is concerned.

Android has had apps on the Google Play store that are riddled with viruses. Someone uploaded an illegal version of WhatsApp in Google Play Store; more than one million people downloaded it before Google could notice.

In addition, Apple has begun rolling an Irish security feature on its devices, which most Android devices lack. Thus, in terms of security, iOS takes the upper hand.

  1. Design

Google has been upgrading its OS. From the KitKat to the new Android 8 Oreo, it seems to be doing a great job. However, it’s of no match to iOS.

The slick iOS is user-friendly. Apple focuses on producing simple and user-friendly products. If customers find it easy to use a product to solve their problems, they will love the product. That is what iOS focusses on.

Thus, the best operating system: Android or iOS, in terms of design is iOS.

  1. Compatibility

Most people use more than one electronic device. Research conducted showed that a person has up to 3.6 connected devices. Thus, to make it easy for you to switch from one device to another, most of your devices should be integrated.

iOS takes the lead in terms of connectivity with other devices. It is easy to connect your iPad, iMac, and iPhone at the same time. Android, offers the same but limited to devices under the same brand.    

  1. Updates

How both OS are updated is also a method to determine the best operating system to go for.

For Android users, if you need a new operating system, you have to buy a new phone. That’s why the sale of some old Android phone depreciates after sometimes when a new OS is released.

On the other hand, iOS offers timely and consistent updates.

  1. Type of apps on the app store

Both iOS and Android have apps on the app store. However, developers prefer creating apps for the iOS App Store because of the difficulties in creating for Android users.

Another fact is because Google advocates free apps. Thus, developers would develop useful apps and sell them on the iOS App Store.

You arrive at the best operating system: Android or iOS after looking at the features of both.

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