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Why Do People Love Apple Phones So Much

Why Do People Love Apple Phones So Much

Are you buying a new phone? Then you ought to choose between an Android and iOS the two major operating systems currently. Because smartphones are becoming a small extension of who we are, and what we do, it is better to be careful when choosing a new phone to buy.

Research shows that Android dominates almost two-thirds of the smartphone market. It has an advantage in emerging markets such as Africa and Asia. The reason for a large market share is its lower entry-level price point.

Despite having a small market share, Apple amasses much more profit because of the activeness of its users.

Why do people love apple phones so much? Here are the reasons:

  1. Apple phones evolve

One important thing that a company can do is to evolve. It needs to meet the changing needs of its consumers. Otherwise, it will lose them to its competitor.

Apple knows that fact. It regularly unveils new, improved, and exciting iPhone to its users. The latest being iPhone 6.

Apple does not copy from the competitors; it focusses on its customers by making better and effective smartphones. Being customer focused has enabled Apple to become a profitable company.

  1. Apple phones offer good usability

iPhone users reported that they are fond of buying from Apple because its devices-iPhones and iMacs- are easy to use. If you buy a new iPhone today, you will note how it is like fishing in a barrel to use it.

Thus, if you’re thinking why do people love Apple phone so much, it’s because Apple focusses on producing easy to use devices even though technology continues to evolve.

If customers find it easy to use a product to solve their problems, nothing will prevent them from buying the products. That’s why iPhone users always buy a Mac more likely than an Android user.

  1. iPhones make you feel good about yourself

Apple is a strong brand. It’s customer-focused and still wants to make the customers feel great. Despite launching new exciting products, it also conveys a strong message to its customers.

If you visit their website, you can see the marketing copy they use. They also use stylish and well-designed images on their adverts. To top it all, their products are sleek in design.

All these make their customers want to be part of everything Apple does. They make someone who purchases an iPhone to feel good about themselves.

  1. iPhone supports most important apps

People like apps. More importantly, they want apps that can solve their problems. That’s what Apple does. It produces phones with access to most popular world apps. If you’re using an iPhone, you can note by the many useful apps in the iOS App Store.

Play Store has many useful apps, too. However, not like the latter.


For a person thinking why do people love Apple phones so much then it’s because of how the company focusses its interest on its customers. It produces great products for them and makes them feel great.

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